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As someone whose passion for travel almost matches my love of books, I like to read travel memories. And when travel blogger Phil Rosen asked me if I would be interested in reading his debut, Everywhere But Home, I jumped at the chance and quickly bought a copy. A few weeks ago, I had the chance to interview Phil on my Podcast about his Desert Island books, and as soon as we finished recording, I placed his memoir at the top of my TBR pile and started doing it later that afternoon.

Everywhere but at home book review

A genre that I will never get tired of, Travel memoirs have long been one of my must-haves when I need a strong dose of escapism, and once I started everywhere except at home, I couldn’t put it down anymore. A memoir that recounts Rosen’s two years in Hong Kong as an English teacher and documents his time spent traveling to Singapore, Bali, Thailand and Germany – a trip that took place in the midst of the recent recent times. In addition to describing the daily intricacies of Navigating a new life abroad and his experience of adapting to expatriate life, Rosen does a great job exploring why we tend to become sedentary, material possessions and prestigious roles beyond the opportunity to travel and live beyond the limits

A memoir that beautifully weaves vivid descriptions and stunning prose with reflections and reflections on adventure, loneliness, gratitude, homesickness and uncertainty. Everywhere But Home is a timely reminder that life is short and that the search for fear and adventure is the key to a life well lived.

There were many things that I liked about this book – The escape it offered; the skillful narration, the rich sense of the environment; but most of all, I liked the hope it gave me for the trips and adventures I will still live; the people I will still meet; and especially the stories I will still tell.

Everywhere except at home summary

Two years of stay abroad, two years of stories, meetings and self-discovery. These are stories from everywhere except at home. After graduating from college, Phil Rosen dropped everything, packed his bags and moved to Hong Kong. He started a travel blog, taught English to the locals and traveled all over Southeast Asia to meet people, see places and write about it all the time.

The travel stories about different countries alternate with chapters that raise questions of self-discovery, purpose and meaning as a new university graduate. There are stories from Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Bali and more. Rosen’s reflections on traveling and life after college, the flight from expectations and the pursuit of lifelong freedom seem truer than ever. Each chapter approaches the answer to the question: “What should young people really do for a living?”

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