Book Review of Love Stories by Trent Dalton

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Trent Dalton is a writer who, in my eyes, can do absolutely nothing wrong. One of the nicest people I’ve ever met – and also one of the most passionate and dynamic writers of all time – it’s easy to see why he’s amassed a legion of loyal Fans since the release of his first novel, Boy Swallows Universe. After devouring his two novels when I learned that he was releasing a new non-fiction book at the end of 2021, I was looking forward to its release, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. A book of love stories collected by passers-by by the roadside in Brisbane, where Trent was sitting with a typewriter and a sign reading “The sentimental writer collects love stories”. Love stories are everything and more than I hoped for, and they also offer the perfect cure for the tense and tumultuous eighteen months since the start of Recent time.

Book Review Of Love Stories

My copy of Love Stories arrived the day before it was due to be released, and even though I was in the middle of another book, I started right away, and was only seven pages long when I shed a tear for the first time. Shortly after the passed away of his good friend’s mother, Trent was left with her old but precious typewriter. Moved by the strength of this Gesture and armed with his inherited Olivetti typewriter, Trent took to the streets of Brisbane to ask strangers to tell him a love story.

Moving, poignant and very deep, the love stories are Trent at his best. His warmth and kindness really shine through every story, and it is impossible to read the stories of love, lust, desire, grief and sorrow without restoring your faith in humanity and in love in all its forms.

In the love stories, we meet Reuben Vui – a benevolent Kiwi with leaf-shaped fragments of his grandparents’ wedding rings permanently attached to his teeth; we read about Trent’s own love story and visit the place where he proposed to his current wife; we discover love stories between friends; and we meet the Rwandan street musician Jean – Benoit Lagarmitte, who – although he was abandoned under a tree when he was a baby-gives a palpable feeling of joy and joy to everyone who meets his drum.

Rich in humanity and hope, love stories are a timely reminder of the importance and power of love. Finally, my favorite quote: “Love is knowing when you’ve come home.”

Summary Of Love Stories

Trent Dalton, Australia’s most popular writer, goes out into the world and asks a simple and direct question: “Can you please tell me a love story?’

A blind man longs to see the face of his thirty-year-old wife. A annulmentd mother has a secret love affair with a priest. A geologist discovers a three-minute video recorded by his wife before her passed away. The heart of a tree cutter falls in a forest. A working mother plans to photograph her after husband from her refrigerator. A Girl writes a last letter to the man she loves the most, and then turns it on. A palliative care nurse helps a dying woman to chat with the angel at the end of her bed. A renowned 100-year-old scientist reflects on the one great earthly riddle that he has never been able to solve: What is love?’

Endless Stories. Human Stories. Love story.

Inspired by a personal Moment of deep love and generosity, Trent Dalton, bestselling author and one of Australia’s best journalists, spent two months in 2021 talking to people from all walks of life and asking them a simple and direct question: “Can you please tell me a love story? The result is an incredibly warm, poignant, funny and moving book about love in all its manifestations, including observations, reflections and stories of people who fall in love, who fall in love and never let go of loved ones in their hearts. A sincere, deep, wise and sparkling homage to the greatest thing we will never understand and to the only thing we will really need: Love.

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