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For most of my mature reading life, Jane Green has been my writer when I’m in the mood to get away. From the patchwork wedding to the fall, there is not one of her novels that I did not love, and when I recently interviewed her on my podcast about the books she took with her to a desert island, this was a real highlight of my career so far. When Jane announced during the lockdown that she was writing a new novel – this time in Morocco – and her first since 2017, I was looking forward to the release of Jane Green’s Sister Stardust.

Jane Green’s Sister Stardust, a unique interpretation of historical fiction, promised to be slightly different from her previous books, and the day after my conversation with Jane, I started it.

Sister Stardust by Jane Green Book Review

Although Sister Stardust is very different from her other books due to its exotic, Middle Eastern setting, it is a refreshing interpretation of what Jane Green does best – namely, to write a very readable and transportable story, rich in a sense of scenery and a sympathetic cast of characters. In her first novel, inspired by a true story, Jane Green reinvents the life of the troubled icon Talitha Getty from a forgotten chapter of the swing of the 60s in Sister Stardust.

The story begins when the newly widowed Claire finds her box of 1960s memorabilia while rummaging through her attic with her mature daughter Tally, which takes her back to a magical time that changed her life forever.

What follows is Claire’s account of a sheltered existence that began when she was a young girl in Dorset, but moved to the more glamorous streets of London after her mother’s passed away following an argument with her father’s new wife. The post-war years were in full swing in London, and Claire soon takes on a new identity as she plunges into a less ordinary life where speakeasers, free-flowing medicine are glamorous friends, are fast becoming the norm.

And when one evening there is an opportunity to go to Morocco with her new friends, she immediately agrees, and Claire – now transformed into Cece – quickly falls in love with the charismatic Talitha Getty and her husband Paul.

Living in the huge riad des Getty was everything Cece had dreamed of when she lived in Dorset, and she soon got used to the bustling Marrakech, where a constant barrage of glamorous visitors and frequent medicine-fueled parties with medicine, and alcohol were the dish of the day. But when a tragic accident happens, Cece leaves the decadent and dreamlike state of colorful Marrakech to resume a semi-normal life in London.

Jane Green’s Sister Stardust is a beautifully told story that is nostalgic, evocative and glamorous, and is a vivid and vivid narrative at its finest.

Sister Stardust by Jane Green Summary

Claire grew up in a small town, far from the glitz and glamor of London. At the beginning of maturehood, she longs for the adventure and independence of a counterculture that is gaining a foothold all over the world.

When she is offered the opportunity to make a fresh start in Morocco, in a palace where famous artists and musicians — even the Rolling Stones — are known, she takes the opportunity. When she arrived in Marrakech, she was quickly drawn into an intoxicating world full of music, medicine and community life. And Talitha Getty, the prominent wife of a famous oil heir, seems to be leading the entire scene. As Claire is pulled into her orbit, the realities of Talitha’s precarious existence trigger a chain of peril events that could change Claire’s life forever.

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