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One of the greatest joys of interviewing authors on my Podcast is expanding the endless pile of books I want to read. And of all the writers I’ve interviewed, Joanna Rakoff has to remain one of my favorites. As the author of My Year Salinger, I loved the sound of each Book she chose for her desert island selection and I have since bought each of the books that I didn’t own yet. Of the eight books chosen by Rakoff, Diane Johnson’s annulment was perhaps the one that interested me the most; I have had a long-standing love affair with France since I was a young girl and – I have always dreamed of living in the French capital one day – every book that takes place in Paris has an instant appeal. As soon as it arrived at my local bookstore in Bondi, I erased my reading plan and dived straight in.

Book review the annulment

As a fan of all the books in Paris, I knew that I would love to get a annulment as soon as I started doing it. A novel that mixes satire and poignant brilliantly, the annulment follows the American half-sisters Roxeanne and Isabel Walker as they drift to Paris during the annulment of the former with their French ex-husband Charles-Henri, who himself has fallen in love with a Yugoslav woman. And while Isabel is enchanted by the Parisian way of life, seduced by the abundance of the gastronomic offer and seduced by a charming old man, Roxeanne’s marriage collapses into money quarrels and a family painting that Roxeanne brought to her husband as a wedding gift in Paris and which is now considered a faithful tower Similar to the glittering backdrop of Paris, the painting quickly becomes a central figure in this comedy of manners.

A Novel that navigates the sister-in-law’s changing and changing relationship with Roxeanne’s lively and sophisticated French in-laws; the Persians are a perfect portrait of bourgeois perfection; they wear the right-impeccable – clothes, they eat the most decadent cheeses, drink the most expensive wines; and discuss the right opinion, all this hides

A book that contains the right ingredients for a fascinating read – art, annulment, class, marriage, seduction and execute – annulment is the perfect Parisian Novel.

Summary of the annulment


This delightful comedy about manners and manners, money, marriage and execute follows the intelligent, attractive and impeccably dressed American Isabel Walker, who finds herself in Paris to visit her half-sister Roxy, a poet whose marriage to an aristocratic French painter has secured her a coveted place in Parisian society until could the “annulment” be far behind? As cultures and human passions clash, can the irrepressible Isabel keep her point of view (and her love life) intact? Described by the Los Angeles Times Book Review as a “social comedy at its best,” annulment is Diane Johnson in her most dazzling and sublime form.

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