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Almost immediately after recording my podcast with JJ Bola, where we discussed everything from the books he would take with him to a desert island to why none of us particularly like to borrow our favorite books, I ordered a copy of his afterst novel. The selfless act of breathing. The joy of the Podcast is such that I often feel like I know someone after discussing books for more than an hour, and it is always a real joy to read an author’s work after our recording. Even before I read JJ’s second Novel, I presented it to the members of the Bondi Literary Salon as a suggestion for our first in-person meeting after recent time, and everyone jumped at the chance. And so, when the book arrived, just in time for a rare rainy weekend in Sydney, I cleaned up my reading schedule to completely immerse the weekend in the selfless act of breathing.

The selfless act of breathing book review

As someone who lived in London for six years before moving Down Under and who also lived in Los Angeles for three months a few years ago, I felt slightly familiar with the Novel – which takes place between London, California and New soon as I started.

A poignant story that offers beautiful prose and a nuanced vision of loneliness and get-down, the selfless act of breathing is a story that follows the popular teacher Michael Kabongo – as he struggles to find meaning in his daily life in London, even though it seems that he has everything on the surface. After a tragic event, he takes his savings and goes to America, the land of the free, to travel until his money runs out, then he plans to Pass away, then prays that he will finally be at peace.

The story is often melancholic – of shattered dreams, grief, masculinity, identity and – finally – hope. JJ writes in a beautifully lyrical way, and it is easy to see that he is a real gifted blacksmith in his poetic prose. An important read that looks at life from a new angle and offers readers a new perspective through which to look at suicidal thoughts, get-down and anxiety. The Selfless Act of Breathing is a hopeful story of suffering that will stay with readers long after the last page has been filmed.

The selfless act of breathing summary

Transcendent Kingdom meets a man named Ove in this heartwarming novel about a Congolese-British Londoner who decides to embark on one last adventure in the United States, determined to end his life once his savings run out.

A charismatic teacher living in London, Michael Kabongo strives to alleviate the injustices he sees around him: for students who aspire to a better life, in memory of the tragic passed away of his father and to end the powered marginalization of black men around the world.

But after a devastating loss, he decides to embark on an adventure in the land of the free — the United States of America. From Dallas to San Francisco, Michael parties with new friends, engages in fleeting romances, indulges in exciting getaways, all with the intention of ending his life once all his savings are exhausted.

As he makes surprising new connections and confronts old prejudices in strange but exciting new environments, Michael is on his own to decide if his life is worth living after all…

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